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Yohji Yamamoto As A Contemporary Fashion Designer (Essay Sample)


As such, this final paper will integrate four assignments (Outline, Thesis Statement and Research Questions, Annotated Bibliography, Proposal). It can also incorporate research and findings from your Image Archive, Fieldwork Worksheets, and Primary Source Report.
The result will be an investigation that uses multiple research methods and case studies to articulate a connection between history, theory, research and practice.
10 pages, double spaced (NOT including any title page or the bibliography)
1 page maximum of images (included in 10-page count)
9 pages of text
Font: Times New Roman or similar, size 12
1-inch margins
Bibliography with a minimum of 12 scholarly sources, in alphabetical order by author
Citations for all images used (can be included in bibliography or matched with image in the paper)
Your last name and page number at top right of each page
Your paper should have a clear introduction, with a defined thesis statement
Your paper should integrate 2 or more research methods (ex: image analysis, object analysis, field research, interview, etc.) – remember that these sections can be reworked from your short assignments (Fieldwork Worksheets, Primary Source Report, etc.)
Your paper should have a clear conclusion that resolves most, if not all, of your research questions
While this topic may have some influence on your design process, this assignment is not intended to discuss any accompanying collections or work. (It is not an artist statement.) Your paper should be focused on your research and findings, separate from your studio practice, as a stand-alone investigation into your topic.


Final Paper
The practice of fashion design can be traced back to early centuries, fashion designers are inspired by their tradition, which they majorly integrate into their design practice as part of their identity. However , not much has been revealed about the designers' personal experiences in the design process.. Although fashion design vary over time because of several influential factors, contemporary designers like Yohji Yamamoto is majorly inspired by tradition, his personal experiences have had a huge impact on his creativity. Yohji Yamamoto revolutionized the western fashion world, to create self-reflection designs.
Yohji Yamamoto's effect on the world fashion for the last two years has been enormous; Yohji Yamamoto is one of the few fashion designers whose design appeals to all ages, however, not much has been revealed about his sources of inspiration. Yohji Yamamoto successfully transferred his experience in his designs to make unique concepts that differ from those of traditional fashion designers.
One of the fashion mysteries is the inspiration behind the creative design displayed by fashion designers. Many people question where designers find their inspiration and what their major influence that re-ignites their fashion spirit is. With more than 30 years in the fashion world, Yohji Yamamoto has turned the fashion world upside down using his deconstructed tailored designs, making him an enigmatic Japanese designer who continues to appeal to a wider audience. Other fashion designers command headline, but not many can boast of a 30 year career like Yohji Yamamoto. His unique designs are consistent and his inward thoughts radiates in his designs to set a significant trend in the fashion world.[Russian, Anca Pia. "Japanese Design In Western Fashion The Three Japanese Designers Who Changed The Fashion World." REVERT: Specialized Review of Theory & Critique of Arts 22 (2015).]
This research proposal will explore the connection between fashion design and personal experiences derived from our cultural practices focusing on Yohji Yamamoto as a contemporary fashion designer. The research will analyze how his experiences influenced his creativity, making him one of the leading fashion designers in the world. The research process aims at expanding the knowledge to understand the inspiration behind product development, especially within the global arena.The paper aim at analyzing Yamamoto unique design and answer the research question, what is the impact of cultural values of Yohji Yamamoto that makes him an avant-garde designer.
Definition of Terms- the definition of "the avant-garde" from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary means an artist who produces original ideas.
Research background
Yohji Yamamoto's major inspiration comes from his tradition; traditions serve as reminders of events that shape our lives. All the experiences are uniquely expressed in different forms. . Designers engage in self reflection, allowing then to be more observant, such observation produces curiosity ignites their imagination. Yohji Yamamoto unique designs are more of a self-reflection. His avant-garde designs originate from his cultural background; therefore, culture is an important determinant for successful designers.[Almond, Kevin, and Steve Swindells. "Reflections on Sculptural Thinking in Fashion Design." Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry 8, no. 1 (2016): 44-62.]
What makes Yamamoto an avant-garde designer different from traditional designers is his avant grade spirit of asymmetrical, oversized, silhouettes, black color, drapery designs. He uses the same theme ...

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