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China Today: Art, Economy and Politics Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


ULEC “China Today: Art, Economy and Politics”
Fall 2019
Final Paper Topics
Your End-of-Term Writing Assignment is an opportunity to provide a more extended commentary than what was written through your 1st and 2nd paper. You may choose to develop ideas based on your 1st response paper OR 2nd response paper. For your final paper, you will write a 6-page essay (double-spaced, Times New Roman font 12) and address the following questions:
In your view, what are the key preconditions of China’s rise as the second largest economy in the world? Would they be rapid urbanization? post-Mao market reforms? or the so-called “China Dream” under the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership? Please give one example as to the most intriguing aspect(s) behind China’s success story as well as the most urgent lesson(s) that China should learn from its own post-Mao experience in the future.
If you choose to use your 1st response paper as a template, please focus on the issues of social classes and find the link between social classes and the questions mentioned above. If you choose to use your 2nd response paper as a template, please then focus on the themes of contemporary Chinese art and find the link between contemporary Chinese artists’ works and the questions mentioned above.
The grading rubrics are posted on Canvas under “Files” folder for your reference. You are required to cite the class readings properly and include authors, titles of the readings and page numbers in the reference or cited works section. Citation styles may vary and please feel free to follow MLA or Chicago styles. [example link: http://sites(dot)umuc(dot)edu/library/libhow/mla_examples.cfm]


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China Today: Art, Economy and Politics
China has become as one of the top international growth economy partner shifting from year to the next after the United States. However, different preconditions lead to China to advance in the economic power in the world recently. China has plenty of labor supply due to rural-urban migration in search of employment opportunities. The mechanization of agriculture force people to move from the rural areas to the urban sectors in such as employment. It is because these populations are jobless in the rural regions, and therefore they have to seek work opportunities in the urban areas. Almost an estimate of 500,000 people leaves the countryside to cities and town in the voluntary search for work activities, which is the main factor leading to economic growth (Abbas 42).
Furthermore, female participation in the workforce has led to the rise of manufacturing industries. The analysis of the Western culture in the gender divisions has no relevance to Chinese economic development. Women have taken part in the employment sector as opposed to child-raising responsibilities to avail more workforce that is significant economic growth. Besides, the political system in China is a critical factor that embraces western-style free in market economics. It is non-democratic and authoritarian political era encouraging economic growth. The politician has substantial responsibilities to the nation rather than themselves. The reliable leadership system is the core factor facilitating financial success in the country.

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