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American Gothic: Reflection And Presentation (Essay Sample)


Write an essay to accompany the visual images and projects presented in the book you are making in studio.
Write in the first person.
3-5 pages.
Include formal descriptions of all the final 5 studio projects (from the American Gothic reconstruction to the blackout poems).
Identify the strongest theme or preoccupation in your work.
Make a connection between this theme and the context of your life - social, political and economic trends.
This will be the thesis proven by the descriptions of your visual work.
Include a Bibliography and Works Cited page.
This essay will not be in your book but something that may be read alongside it.
*My book for this project is about "artist student's life", so find sources and write about.
In the attached files, are my past works from this semester that need to write about.
1. American Gothic
2. Penguin Pad
3. PSA for orgainization
4. Research and connections
5. Black out poems and book


Reflection and presentation
American gothic
This is a piece that is a reconstruction of the famous painting referred to as the American Gothic, which was done by Grant Woods. Using parts of other images the artwork is then reorganized to represent a woman that is held by a man in a manner to suggest that she is a slave in the situation. Ideally, the theme of this project is feminism, which is represented using the collage of images, where the woman's red attire represents outfit that is borrowed from the book, ‘The Handmaid's Tale'. For the man, he is clad in a good suit that then represents the good image that he wants to present to the world while the inside is rotten and evil. The red in the painting is also part of running the theme, of pain and suffering as well as birth. The women in the society have for the longest time been treated as second class citizens. They are taken as objects or rather slaves to do the bidding of the men in their lives or generally in the society. It is also important to note that the face of the man is made up of different images of men from many races and ages. This is a representation of the global crisis that is the gender equality woes. Women across the globe and across all ages are treated as objects. In the case of the images used on the face of the woman, there are bruises all across the face. This is to represent the hurting she is going through and reflect on the image of the women in the society. There is also a chain that replaces the pitchfork in the original. The chain goes around the neck of the woman to represent the element of slavery.
The penguin pad on the other hand is an invention that will help especially college students to wake up in good time and find the balance in their lives. Most of the college students have come from home where they would be assisted by their parents to wake up and attend to their chores. Now on their own, they need an assistant which comes in the form of the penguin pad. Other than the fact that, the penguin pad is designed with the element of waking up early in mind, it is also crucial when it comes to relaxing the muscles of the users. This means that they do not just wake up early, they are also relaxed when they wake up.[Lisa Evans, "The Power Of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get Up Early", Entrepreneur, last mo

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