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American Society of Travel Agents (Essay Sample)


Distribution Associations
When working with distribution, you are working with the trade, or individuals and organizations in the industry with you.
The purpose of this assignment is to investigate one channel of distribution through the trade association.
1. Research one of the following associations, and report on the industry sector.
 Meeting Professionals International
 Professional Convention Management Association
 Professional Tour Operators Association
 American Society of Travel Agents
2. Your report should include the following information because each association may have a different approach or
 Give the mission, and explain how the association’s activities work toward fulfilling this mission.
 Describe the organizational structure of the association.
 Describe two current issues or concerns the association is addressing.
 According to the association research, discuss the health of industry sector.
 Describe the type of members of the association, and provide an example.
 For fun, investigate employment opportunities with this association. Note: Do not include this item in your
Your report should follow APA style guidelines and be at least two pages in length.


American Society of Travel Agents
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Travel and tourism is a unique and challenging business venture. Just within a single hour, a tourism agent may assist one customer to plan a road trip to Orlando-Walt Disney world, then assist a couple to book for a romantic tour to the archeological destinations of the Mundo Maya, and finally help another client to plan for a family adventure and experience on New Zealand’s North Island (Bhatia, 2012). The travel industry is the business that demands the most accurate information about current events, culture and geography in distant areas. Customers rely on tourism professionals for updated information which can break or create a vacation. Many tourism and travel industry professionals identify distribution associations as significant organizations that offer important information, networking opportunities and contacts (Mancini, 2012). Distribution associations are organizations that are committed assisting leisure and tourism travel professionals to carry out their roles effectively. A good example of distribution association is American Society of Travel Agents. This paper aims to examine American Society of Travel Agents as a trade association; the paper also examines its mission, explains activities of the association towards realizing its mission, describes the association’s organizational structure, examines current issues that association is tackling, highlights the health of industry sector, and describes members of the...
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