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Technology (Essay Sample)


Select a technology that is of interest to you (for example, sewing machines, tanks, computers, TV, etc.); write a paper about its historic and current impact on the economy, the environment, relationships, education, and morals. Give examples to support your discussion and cite at least two (2) sources in your paper. Include an APA-formatted bibliography.


Since its invention, the computer has undoubtedly contributed and impacted significantly the humankind. Historically, the first computers were massive and as such could only be used for commercial purposes or in military operations. Currently, computers are small and portable which allows them to be valuable for personal use. The development of computers has improved the world economy and the standards of living because they have allowed the growth of businesses and globalization of trade. Computers have enhanced the economy because duties that were initially done manually by various people and took several days to finish can be completed in minutes such as company accounts and audits. Computers have also significantly impacted the education sector because of ease to access of learning materials on the internet by both students and teachers. Additionally, computer-based education (CBE) has been enhanced because it allows distance learning, especially in higher learning offering more people an opportunity to access education. Computers impact the en...
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