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Swimming Instructional Manual (Essay Sample)


You will write a document that provides coherent and well-designed instructions on completing a task. The manual will include the following sections: 
Title Page
Overview or Introduction
Equipment and materials needed
Definitions (if appropriate)
You must have at least two graphics in your instructions
Warnings or statements of caution as appropriate
Your goal is to write coherent, well-designed instructions for a user.
Helpful websites on writing instructions:
You may observe the following video instruction on swimming. Note how the author lists the equipment and then proceeds to mention the steps involved. The video is over 10 minutes long. You might just take a look at the first couple of minutes to see how he lists the equipment and then proceeds to the steps.
YouTube Video on Swimming: https://youtu(dot)be/rYg_FCYQ9_8
Ideas for this assignment:
Take screen captures of the video at different parts and incorporate them into your document.
I have given the writer the liberty to pick the topic to this assignment


Swimming Instructional Manual
Swimming action revolves about the center of buoyancy unlike walking on dry land which revolves around the center of gravity. While swimming, there is an increase in movement friction and resistance. The body also feels lighter while in water as compared to when on land but inhaling becomes more difficult. To overcome these challenges and become good at swimming, people need to be trained how to breathe, think, move and act effectively while in water. Swimming instruments also aid the swimming process and some of these instruments include; swim suit, swim cap, swim goggles, swim fins, tempo trainer and swim noodles (Edson, n. d; Rew & Bullock, 2011). This paper is an instructional manual for swimming.
Leg kicks: Make gentle rhythmic leg kicks so that you can improve body position and not tire your muscles through generating propulsions. This can be achieved through;
1 While kicking, ensure that the big toes tap against each other in a consistent manner.
2 Keep the legs working closely together and in a relatively straight manner, without locking the knee.
3 Keep your ankles relaxed, your big toes turned inward while kicking your feet above the surface of water without splashing.
4 Initiate the kick at hip level and not at the knee level so that your legs can remain straight.
5 Kick at a ...
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