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Sustainability Issues and Climate Change Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a essay on sustainability of the earth in terms of climate change, use of fossil fuels and our carbon footprint. Propose a research question based on this topic and try to answer it by using the following:
Why is this topic important for the future?
What potential problems for humanity are related to this topic?
What potential benefits for humanity are related to this topic?
How can the problems be addressed?
How can the benefits be harnessed? What might stop us from harnessing them?
What will change? What wont change?
Are there opposing/different points of view on this topic? What are they and which is most appealing to you? Whats your opinion?
Must use a minimum of 5 academic sources. Double line spaced, 12 pt font Times new Roman


Sustainability Issues and Climate Change
Sustainability Issues and Climate Change
Climate change poses a huge threat to earth’s sustainability, hence the need for collective efforts toward mitigating it. In most cases, human beings want to believe that climate change is a future, long-term issue, but the truth is that climate change is affecting humanity today. It needs serious attention now. Various studies have shown that climate change has affected human health, food, and water security, and has negatively impacted the ecosystem. As revealed by Barnes, et al. (2019), exposure to high UV radiation has been linked to some form of diseases such as skin cancer and cataract. In fact, skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and its prevalence has increased over the years. Also, due to climate change, many agricultural plants have become more susceptible to extreme weather conditions and high temperatures, which have, in turn, endangered global food security. Climate change has also affected biodiversity, thus threatening the survival of the earth and its inhabitants (Barnes, et al., 2019). This information facilitates the need to mitigate climate change fast so as to ensure the sustainability of the earth. Some of the solutions that have been suggested to mitigate climate change and enhance sustainability include the reduction of carbon footprints and the elimination of the use of fossil fuels. As a result, a lot of effort has been focused on generating alternative sources of energy, especially renewable energy, which will serve the increasing demand for energy (Owusu & Asumadu-Sarkodie, 2016). This paper seeks to explore how the use of fossil fuel relates to carbon footprints and climate change, and how these elements relate to the sustainability of the earth and in extension, humanity.

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