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Software Technology Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


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In order to complete the below question you must read Chapter 4. For full credit you must provide thorough, detailed and well-supported answers.
You must complete the assignment in a Word document and then upload it to the assignment area for grading. Remember, you must cite and reference sources. Your answer must be a minimum of 2-full pages in length. Assignments are due by Sunday evening at 11:59 pm.
You are a teacher. You would like your students to sue a software package, but the school's budget does not include enough money to buy copies for all of the students. Your school is in the a poor neighborhood and you know most of the parents cannot afford to buy the software for their children.
a) List some ways you could try to obtain the software without making unauthorized copies.
b) Suppose the methods you try do not work. Will you copy the software or decide not to use it? Give some arguments for and against your position. Explain your position.


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Question One
New technologies that are being witnessed in the 21st century are continuously infringing on copyrights and patents that individuals have on various forms of intellectual property including software. These legal protection rights give the owners exclusive rights to not only display their work in public but also make and distribute copies of their work (Baase, 2013). Based on the facts in the case study, copying of the software is termed as piracy and is illegal because it is a violation of federal copyright law. Given the financial constraints that characterize the school and the students in general, there are several ways that they could obtain the software package without making unauthorized copies. First, the learning institution should get a site license. According to Park & Nam Choi (2006), “A site license is a type of software license that allows the user to install a software package in several computers simultaneously, such as at a particular site (facility) or across a corporation”.

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