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Social media (Essay Sample)

Social media talk about the Social media in our life . how we can use it by a good way . is it effect in our life ? how do you think we have to take care of our kids about what they watch it . --------- it should have 3 sources( by link) in the introduction must have ( hook - General information about the topc - thesis ) three body paragraph . each of them have ( topic sentence - support details - conclusion sentence ) in the Concludion must have details & final idea the last things is references used . source..
Social Media Name: Institution: Course: Course Instructor: Date Due: Introduction Social media can be described as a sort of social software that is currently used as a means of human interaction. Social media involves the use of different technologies to enhance this interaction. The technologies employed in social media interaction or communications are either web-based or mobile-based technologies (Kaplan, 2012). These technologies support interactive dialogue and have been successful in introducing a change in the way communication takes place through platforms such as internet forums or groups, weblogs and social networks. Social media has evolved currently to be a very powerful tool of communication and interaction where lots of activities happen. Social media has empowered social gathering and discussions on the internet, which have had lots of impact to the current ways of living and how people perceive issues on the world (Harris, 2008). Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become very valuable channels of sharing information and current updates that have helped shape the communication and interaction between and within organization, communities and individuals. Social media differs from industrial media (which includes print media, television and films) in that they are cheaper and the information contained in them can be accessed by anyone. This is due to the proliferation of the current society with mobile gadgets such as mobile phones, Ipads and IPods, which can be used to access the social networking sites (Kaplan, 2012). Effects of social media Social media has had many different effects in the current society. Has enabled social media and platforms to also expand and involve different interactions. It is quite clear that social media has changed the way people interact in the world currently which brings about several benefits while at the same time it dr...
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