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Science and Technology (Essay Sample)


Written Assignment 1
Answer the following questions related to the topics covered in this module.
Essay Questions
Each question should be answered in two or three paragraphs in APA format. Definitions should not be copied directly from any website; they should be put in your own words. Your paper should be between 2- 3 pages excluding title and reference pages.
Describe the role of a technical work stream lead along with the required and desired skills to be successful in this position. As part of your description include an example of an actual position.
Define in detail the terms science and technology. How are these terms different, similar and what is the connection between them?
Define in detail the terms invention and innovation. Are there any differences, similarities and connection between them? Why? As part of your description include an example of each type.
Describe the objective and components of a technology roadmap. As part of your description develop an example of a three to five year roadmap for a specific technology or application.


Science and Technology
Science and Technology
A technical work stream lead entails the progressive undertaking of activities completed by various teams within an organization which are intended to accomplish a single project. Work stream leads provide wide array of expertise as well as business insight to a given task
Work stream leads jobs normally require experience of more that five years in management consulting. A technical work stream position requires demonstration of an ability to realize increased business benefits for the consumers or clients to achieve the goals and objectives of a particular project. Another important requirement is excellent interpersonal skills and abilities in order to develop meaningful business relationships with their respective clients as well as successfully direct and lead groups towards the attainment of a particular goal. An example of a position that is appropriate for work stream leads is accunomics that involves the science of profitability. This role requires the ability to effectively design, direct and ensure quantity assurance in order to get the actual picture in business implications through comprehensive and detailed analytical and highly quantitative processes (Trauffler & Tschirky, 2007).
Science and technology are two fields that are very important in human life especially the modern era that has seen numerous developments developed through science and technology knowledge, innovations, and creativity. The two disciplines are related and work together to advance human life holistically (Harrington, 2009).
One of the main significant differences between science and technology is that science is primarily involved in the endeavor to gather knowledge that can improve human life. On the other technology is involved in the development f products that are can potentially solve problems improving human life holistically. Therefore, technology can broadly and simply be seen as "the practical application of science;. Secondly, science is primarily about knowing and technology is practicality of the knowledge of doing. Thirdly science involves analysis, generalizing and developing theories while technology synthesizes and analyzes the designs and d...
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