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Hazardous Materials (Essay Sample)


Question 7
1. Sulfur is one of the world’s most important raw materials. Fires involving sulfur pose some unique hazards.
1. Why are secondary fires likely to result near burning bulk quantities of sulfur? What precautions should be taken to prevent these secondary fires?
2. What are the two common allotropes of sulfur? Discuss some commercial uses of sulfur.


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Hazardous Material
Secondary Fires caused by bulk quantities of Sulfur
Sulfur is a highly flammable substance in both liquid and solid states. Secondary fires are likely to occur in a place near bulk quantities of sulfur because of its low ignition point of the substance in dust form. Any sulfur dust suspensions are easily ignited in case of weak frictional sparks (Solomon & National Fire Protection Association, 2012). In addition, the dust clouds under the right conditions may be ignited by static electricity.
Precautionary measures
In order to prevent the occurrence of the secondary fires, precautionary measures should be put in place. For instance, to avert dust formation in the storage facilities and during handling of sulfur, the enclosed space should be constructed with a limited number of surfaces to minimize dust accumulation (Solomon & National Fire Protection Association, 2012). Secondly, during ...
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