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Why You Need to Be a Gamer. Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper must persuade the reader to be gamers so that the technology of gaming will continue to evolve.


Why You Need to Be a Gamer
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Why You Need to Be a Gamer
The gaming world has seen growth in the past few decades as more people have become enthused with playing video games. Currently, the gaming world is one of the most profitable industries in the world. In September 2013, the world woke up the news that “the fourteenth installment of Grand Theft Auto did $800 million in worldwide sales in its first 24 hours” (Kamenetz, 2013). Kamenetz continues to say that this was “the biggest launch day ever for any piece of entertainment – any movie, any record, anything at all.” This means that the gaming world has indeed grown and evolved to become a major industry without which the world would feel the void. It should be noted that Grand Theft Auto is not the only game to set a record in sales. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is known to have grossed “$1 billion in 15 days” something that has not been replicated in the other sectors of entertainment, that is, movies and music. But all the above is about the industry, so what good will playing video games do to me you ask. Well, this paper seeks to support the notion that playing video games will help increase your workplace productivity, improve your attention span, and turn you into a better employee while eventually helping the gaming technology to evolve.

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