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Final Report. Financial Technologies. Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Digital World Final Report  



You will pick an industry/career field (this should be the one you want to work in or are already working in) and answer the question: How will advances in technology affect this industry and the workers in it, and how might policy need to shift to address this change? The audience for​    this paper/presentation will NOT be your instructor/classmates. Instead your paper/presentation should be tailored to policy makers in the industry or in government.



You may wish to consider some of the following questions while doing your research, but you do not have to address all of them in your paper/presentation:​     


1)     What is the cutting edge of technology right now in this industry?

2)     Who are the thought leaders in this industry and where do they see it going in the future?

3)     What technology could be the most influential in the future for this industry?

4)     Could quantum computing or high performance computing make a difference in the industry?

5)     What could be the potential uses of artificial intelligence in this industry? Could large scale adoption of AI lead to a reduction of a certain type of jobs in the industry or could it change the nature of work in that industry?

6)     Due to these changes in the industry, what future ethical considerations must be considered?

7)     What current policies (government, corporate, etc.) exist that affect the industry?

8)     How might policies need to shift to accommodate future changes in the industry?



Here are the requirements for your paper/presentation:

a)     Single spaced 12 point font 1 inch margin on all sides

b)     Less than 3 pages

c)     More than three scholarly sources (APA in text citation and reference list)






Financial Technologies
Student’s Name
Financial Technologies
Oftentimes, the advancement in technology has been heavily linked with the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the three-tier economy, placing little emphasis on the third tier, the tertiary sector. Ironically, the service sector is a major player in most of the world’s leading economies, with technology playing a crucial role in reshaping and ensuring efficiency of service delivery in this sector. The banking sector in particular has benefited the most with the advancement in technology in almost every aspect ranging from improved service delivery to reduced costs of operations. The disruption is nothing close to an end as new Financial Technologies (FinTech) continue to emerge and might necessitate the adoption of new policies to accommodate these disruptions.

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