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Employers and policy. Discuss argument for and against a policy to do a social media search on job applicants. (Essay Sample)


Choose any three of the following employers and discuss argument for and against a policy to do a social media search on job applicants.
a) A private elementary school
b) A large software company
c) The federal government for applicants that will receive a security clearance
d) A family-run plumbing company
e) A major automobile manufacturer


Employers and Policy
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All organizations strive to recruit individuals who are not only skilled and qualified but are responsible and will contribute positively in the achievement of stipulated goals and objectives. Conventionally, companies have been using face to face interviews to gauge job applicants and to find the best candidate to fill a particular role. Over the years, some companies have gone a notch higher and are conducting social media searches to learn more about job applicants. In their defense, these companies cite that going through an applicant’s social media page allows them to get a clear picture on their ideals and principles. The essay seeks to examine the pros and cons that a private elementary school, the federal government, and a large software company will derive from instituting a policy to conduct social media search on job applicants.

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