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Discussion - Knowledge Speak! (Essay Sample)


We are now living in a society that has all types of knowledge and information coming from Internet, TV, mobile devices, movies, and print media. Are we being exposed to so much data, information, and knowledge that we cannot determine what is true or false? 
What is "knowledge"? What is "information"? Is there a difference? Are they the same thing? Give your views.


Discussion- Knowledge Speak!
The tradition view of data, knowledge and information is that they are related since data is a prerequisite for information, and information a requirement for knowledge (White, 2002). However, the association and sequence may be different since one may collect data, but then lack relevant knowledge how to utilize the data and information. In such a case knowledge acts as a catalyst when transforming data into information since then it is possible to generate meaning and make sense about the data.
Information relates to data that has meaning after being connected, especially through data processing (, n.d). Information is then related to the way data is related, and could simply be the bits of facts. The raw data collected that makes up information cannot result in profound conclusions unlike knowledge. Information can easily be shared and understood since one only has to know the data and facts. The traditional information system is necessary to capture data before it is then processed and analyzed to provide meaningful information that then supports the management ...
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