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Databases and Business Intelligence (Essay Sample)


You hear a lot today about "data scrubbing." What is it and how can it be used or useful? Is it something that individuals or companies do specifically? Discuss new developments in data mining and data warehouse. How does Business Intelligence can be incorporated in databases? Provide examples.


Databases and Business Intelligence
Databases and Business Intelligence
In the past, data has been validated manually; this was time-consuming making the process be much more expensive and prone to errors. Data scrubbing is a process in which faulty data is removed from the database. Faulty data include imprecise, unfinished, incorrectly structured data or duplicate data. Data cleaning ensures that database remains accurate. Data Scrubbing
Companies frequently use scrubbing software that verifies data and correct flaws by altering or deleting certain elements of faulty data. This is important in data –intensive sectors including banking, retailing telecommunication and insurance sector (Han and Kamber, 2001).
Recent Development in Database Management
The recent development in database management is how data are stored. Most companies have developed a data warehouse that makes it possible to integrate data from multiple databases, meaning that a data warehouse is not just used to store data but also helps businesses make decisions based on the data available. One other area of data mining that have been developed is the distribution and collection process of data mining. Currently, the determining tools available can effectively mine distributed data that are located in heterogeneous sites (Watson, 2002). Incorporating Business Intelligence in Databases
Business intelligence can be incorporated in databases by using a variety of data access tools and application with a data warehouse. Business intelligence program can incorporate advanced software applications for analytical projects including data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis and text mining among others (Date, 2003). Many companies are increasingly using data scrubbing to verify and correct flaws to improve data quality by using advanced data warehouses that merge information from several sources as a way improving management systems.
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