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Database Technology and Database Administration (Essay Sample)


In this assignment, you are to use what you have learned about normalization to improve Trident Student database design. Following are your tasks:

  1. Normalize the tables you have designed in Module 2. Explain how you redesign your tables to satisfy the requirements of 1NF, 2NF and 3NF. When necessary, it is perfectly okay to create another table. If you believe your tables designed in Module 2 already met the normalization requirement, explain why.
  2. Modify the database you created in Module 3: drop the tables that you have redesigned for normalization, and keep those that are intact.
  3. Create new tables as required in your new design, using SQL in DBMS.

Include the SQL statements and screenshots of your new tables in the paper.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Create tables that met normalization standards.
  • Use SQL to create and drop tables.
Trident University
Course: ITM 440 Database Technology and Database Administration
In designing the database, there is a need to take into account normalization, as this breaks down the constituent parts into manageable components. The final representation ought to show only one unique thing that characterizes the table, with columns to describe the unique ‘things’ (Davidson, 2007). Normalization allows data users to assess whether the there is good performance and development. Even though, there is no agreement on the level of normalization, the 3rd Normal Form is typically the main level of normalization, but the 4th and 5th levels can also be necessary (Davidson, 2007).
The previous tables have met the requirement of normalization in the 2rd normal form, but there appears to be transitive dependency, while the relationship also satisfies the first normal form. The 3rd normal formal is not satisfied since the student information table needs to be split to show the contact information and location information separately. The process of normalization is necessary to avoid updating anomalies while also avoiding unnecessary coding. In any case, placing the data into the forms makes it easier to accommodate any changes accurately. According to Chopra (2010), normalization frees relations from undesirable insertion, updates as well as deletes anomalies.
The need to eliminate redundant data while storing related data is a top priority in the normalization process. The rationale for this is t...
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