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Cloud Computing for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in IT industry (Essay Sample)

Please read the attached instructions module 5 SLP assignment and well written paper. Please the paper has an introduction , discussion, and conclusion. source..
Cloud Computing for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in IT industry
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Cloud computing involves a variety of computing concepts through many interconnected computers. In scientific sense, the term is used in referring to distributed computing over a network that has a capability of running one program on many computers at the same time. Cloud computing aims to share essential resources of an organization to achieve economies of scale and coherence that can be equaled to utility over a particular network. It also emphasizes on maximizing the efficiency of these resources (Carroll et al, 2012). Cloud computing has resulted into an increment of data as well as more users, subsequently leading to resolving of challenges related to business continuity and disaster recovery. However, the extensive use of the concept has made it necessary to check and monitor all the data points and distribution systems for security purposes. Many organizations are now relying on cloud computing to assist them in the creation of a more vigorous information management. The purpose of this paper is to explain the essence of cloud computing in the IT Industry.
The necessity of business continuity plan in any industry is quite significant in ensuring the consistency of operations even after a disaster. Without a well-crafted business continuity plan, there is a possibility of an entity collapsing or dwindling after experiencing a disaster. This means that organizations should be keen to organize and manage a continuity plan that would be focused on management of disasters (Wain, 2011).
During the year 2008, the IT industry in general recognized cloud computing as a concept that was capable of transforming the sector. In this industry, the platform service, (PaaS), the infrastructure service (IaaS) and the software service (SaaS) has been employed as common taxonomy in cloud computing. Since, 2009, the industry has been focused on addressing business, technological, technical and manag...
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