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APS Written Assignment 6 (Essay Sample)

This Written Assignment 6 is also your final project paper. You will combine and integrate the four written assignments into one final paper. Final Project Part 5 Create the fifth essay, combine and integrate with the other four parts (written assignments 2, 3, 4 and 5) as a cohesive final project that reflects the mentor's feedback. The focus on the fifth part of this project is to write a 3-5 page (350 words per page) paper in APA format addressing three of the six topics below for the new technology or application selected in the previous written assignments. You should also include as part of this paper any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, articles). Each written assignment should include four or more references. -Any potential ethical considerations -Short or long-term medical concerns, if applicable -Economic effects from the deployment of the new technology or application -Alternative perspectives from NGO (non-governmental agency) experts -Approaches to minimize the environmental impact (using green and renewable resources) of the new technology or application -Possible social media influence on the new technology or application deployment -Political implications, influences and barriers to gain or prevent acceptance of new technology or application source..

Aps Written Assignment 6
The iPhone 5 C model has incorporated multiple technologies that could affect the current global atmosphere. For instance, the fact that this product can connect to multiple medical gadgets could alter the current medical practices. In addition, its production resulted in ethical issues that could affect its future users and non-users. This is because most of the ethical issues affect the workers (who could be prospective iPhone 5 C users). Another important aspect to note is that the social media has had an influence on the publicity of the item. This is because major debates have occurred in the social media regarding the iPhone 5 C models. These debates contributed positively or negatively to the market perception of the iPhone 5 C model. This paper discusses the ethical issues, social media influence, and the medical concerns of the iPhone 5 C model.
Ethical Issues Concerning the IPhone 5 C Model
The manufacture of the iPhone 5 C model was accompanied by ethical considerations that should be noted in this paper. This owes to the reality that China Labor Watch criticized Pegatron (an apple supplier) for labor violations early July 2013. The critic released a report accusing the supplier by alleging that Pegatron was involved in a series of legal labor and ethical violations. To begin with, China Labor watch claims that an electronics manufacturer Jabil circuit is already manufacturing the iPhone 5 C model. Additional infringements in the production of the model involve payment of wages to workers. According to China Labor Watch (2013), millions of dollars accounting for unpaid wages in overtime hours is the source of this problem. More than hundred hours of compulsory monthly overtime is three times more than the legal limits in China. Furthermore, it is alleged that Apple has been forcing its employees to work continuously for 11 hours with a thirty minute-break.
Additional eth...
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