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Youths And The Usage Of Drugs And Alcohol (Essay Sample)


Discuss the topic of youths and the usage of substance (i.e alcohol or drugs) and the rehabilitative aspect, the risks involved, the reasons for use and how the use of substances could lead to Juvenile Delinquency.


Youths and the Usage of Drugs and Alcohol
Youths and the Usage of Drugs and Alcohol
The subject of youth and usage of substance and alcohol has been a major challenge since time immemorial and it has formed a better part of discussions held today in the world's organizations and humanitarian institutions. Roy (2014) defines drugs as “not only medicine, but also the fatal narcotics that include cocaine, heroin, brown sugar” among others .When the young people abuse these substances, they predispose their health to great risks.
Sanjoy points out that one of the most adverse effects of abuse of substances and alcohol is drug addiction. He expounds that Drug addiction is a disease in the brain since it alters how the brain carries out its functions and altering the general brain formation. He sheds more light on signs of addiction and adds that addicted people have an extremely high feeling of wanting to take the substance or alcohol; they most of the time indulge in anti-social activities so as they can gain access to the substances and alcohol; they consume drugs in higher amounts than the ones prescribed by medical practitioners; the addicts undergo weight loss since their body health is similarly affected as the mental health; the addicts becomes less friendly limit their interactions with others.
In addition to drug addiction, there are other effects caused by usage of substances and drug abuse. One among them is the deterioration of health (Gateway, 2018). The effect of drug abuse can trickle down to affect the tissues of the body which is fatal if not given proper medical attenti

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