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Youth Justice (Essay Sample)


I have included a court case that I attended here in Winnipeg please do everything according to instruction as best as possible I completely forgot about this assignment need to have it Friday the 10 April

Youth Justice
Course title:
Youth Justice
Part A: Field Trip
The courtroom was packed and there were several members of the public as well as members of the media. A youth justice court judge was the person in charge of that courtroom and she presided over the proceedings. There was also a sheriff present; he stood at the front of the courtroom and ensured the safety of everybody who was inside the courtroom. A court clerk sat at a desk at the front and she handled the paperwork; gave oaths to witnesses; read the offense that the young offender was charged with; and called cases in turn. A prosecutor – the government lawyer was there. The young offender’s defense counsel was also present. Before the young offender accepted his plea, the youth justice court judge had to ensure that the young offender actually understands the charge he is facing. If the judge is unsure that the young offender understands the charge, she will not allow him to enter a plea.
The issues that were being processed involved a 13-year-old boy who was being charged with Theft of Motor Vehicle. There were three different charges. He was found riding a vehicle that was stolen. The boy had taken the car keys from Group Home and the car theft was reported on October 8, 2014. The jury decided that the young offender would be taken to custody for 7 days. He was also placed on 9pm curfew with curfew checkups. He can only leave the residence after the curfew. The boy was given 18 months of supervised probation. This boy’s biological mother is not able to care for him and his adopted mother died. He has therefore been under Child Family Services.
What I observed about the rights of the young offender in the youth court is that privacy rights were strictly observed. Children in this court have stringent privacy rights and there are very few circumstances when the name of the young offender or any other information which may identify him could be published. Moreover, a young offender also has the right to have a defense counsel to help him or her. With regard to the young person’s body language, clothing, and demeanor, the boy wore a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He also had Reebok sneakers which he stated that he was given by his foster mother who is now deceased. Initially, the boy appeared relaxed and calm as he entered the courtroom to take his position. However, when the Clerk of the Court read out loud the charge brought against him, he looked frightened and thought he was going to be incarcerated for a long time.
The inferences that could be made from their body language about their attitude regarding their charge and about the justice system is that they are often anxious and fearful of the court proceedings. The young offenders find the justice system to be something that actually holds them accountable for their actions. On the overall, my impression of the youth court process is that it is effective considering that it is focused not on punishing the young offender, but rather on recognizing and rectifying the cause of the offending behavior. After viewing the youth court, my opinion about the youth court and the law has actually changed for the better. Previously, I had a negative viewpoint of the youth court since I believed that it punished all young offenders – those aged 10 years to 16 years – in almost same way as it punished adult offenders. I also believed that it did not give young offenders any rights in the courtroom. I now know that young offenders actually have rights in the court, and those aged 10-13 years cannot be charged as an adult no matter the offense. However, those aged 14-16 can still be charged as an adult offender for serious offenses such as manslaughter, attempted murder, or murder.
Part B: Interview Summary
The interviewee’...
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