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Workplace diversity. Social Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Try to do a" workplace diversity". This paper is investigation research paper.
We need to write five pages and using 5 citations from research articles making a clear evidence-based argument on an issue of the topic. The format is APA format. , The most importent, we cannot use any news artical and we have to use academic journal artical. You will summarize a minimum of five academic journal articles into your own words, including a brief statement on each section to make an argument.
How professor give scores for this investigation reaserch paper.
You should know this stuff by now from previous assignments. b. I take off whatever percentage of five pages you are missing (Ex: 4.5 pages out of 5 is 10% off because you neglected 10% of the five-page minimum required). c. I take off 10% for each (15% each on the Final) for neglecting APA citation in your References, assuming that they are academic (see the APA examples in the syllabus). d. I take off 20% for each source that is not an academic source. e. If the basics are neglected then your paper will be disregarded (as they will be throughout college and life afterwards), and you will receive a reduced grade according to the aforementioned criteria. If you successfully complete the basics then I read for content. 2. The content—The second time I read your paper: a. 10 points for neglecting to put your thesis statement in bold and underlined. b. 5% (10% on the Final) if your in-text citations are not in APA format (see syllabus). c. I read for content. I make sure that you have made a clear argument and have backed up your claim (thesis statement) with five citations that are clearly related to your argument. I make sure you are not assuming talking points that have been neglected in the articles you have provided. My advice is to let the academic references make your points, not your opinion or intuition. d. If your topic is not from class, I take off 30% because it must be from this class. 3. The flow and style—The third time I read your paper: a. I skim to make sure your flow of the paper is coherent and your thesis statement is precise (5-15 points) b. Structure of the paper is in a clear narrative from the first point to your last and summarized nicely in introduction and conclusion (5-15 points).


Workplace Diversity
Due Date
Workplace Diversity
Organizations spend a lot of money trying to enhance the performance of their workforce. Some organizations consider periodical training sessions as a way to enhance performance while others consider changing leadership styles to try and motivate employees. There are others who have also considered diversifying their workforce hoping that this will help enhance performance. Well, the study at hand seeks to delve deeper into the notion that workplace diversity does indeed help enhance performance. Scholars have had numerous studies dedicated to this topic and even though many seem to believe that workplace diversity does work to the advantage of an organization, others are skeptical. Today, many organizations want to be considered diverse because embracing workforce diversity is currently trendy. Others are simply adhering to legal or governmental requirements. Regardless of the above, the underlying factor is that workplace diversity has been embraced across the globe. However, the real question is does it help improve performance in the workplace? But, in addressing the above question, one should also not disregard the challenges that develop as a result of a diverse workforce. With a diverse workforce, managers also have to be wary of the conflict of ideas, perceptions, interests, attitudes, etc. These can also impact performance and negatively influence productivity. So, the issue of workplace diversity management must also not be neglected as organizations seek to tap into the benefits of having a more diverse workforce. While seeking to explicate the relevant of workplace diversity, this article will also consider the significance of diversity management in the workplace.

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