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Workplace Conflict Assignment: Madagascar (Essay Sample)

Based on those articles: http://web(dot)mit(dot)edu/collaboration/mainsite/modules/module1/1.11.5.html http://www(dot)mediate(dot)com/articles/ford5.cfm Please talk about/write the following: 1- General Conflict Summary: Describe the conflict between your work team (From North America) and the local workers (From Madagascar). Apply at least 2 of the following intercultural theories and describe how the theory could have contributed to this conflict: - Individualism/Collectivism - Masculinity/Femininity - Verbal and non-verbal communication Please make sure this conflict is: Specific and Based on an intercultural misunderstanding and is not a general issue such as a language barrier, lack of appropriate skills or training, etc. 2- Attributes of an Effective Intercultural Communicator: Identify some of the strategies that support effective intercultural communication and relationship building that would be helpful in this case. Your strategies should reflect relevant information from the course material and other internet resources. 3- Resolution: How you and your colleagues would address the conflict (as stated in the General Conflict Summary above), and how this relates to the Attributes above. You must use your knowledge of course theories to describe why you would take the approach you have chosen and how this approach will be effective. Your resolution should directly address the course theory you identified as contributing to the conflict and discuss how you will utilize attributes of an effective intercultural communicator (as discussed above). source..

Workplace Conflict Assignment (North America-Madagascar)
Professor Name:
(March 24, 2013)

Workplace Conflict Assignment (North America-Madagascar)
Workplace conflict identifies with a particular misunderstanding in the places of work; there are a number of aspects that drive at the conflicts (Halverson & Tirmizi, 2008). It has been noted that the work teams from the North America has intercultural misunderstanding with Madagascar local workers. Findings indicate that misunderstandings are a common feature, when people originate from diverse environments; this is basing on the cultural barriers that are directed by the cultural aspects (Conflict Management, 2001). There is a need for the workers originating from North America and workers originating from Madagascar to develop skills of overcoming cultural barriers; this is made possible by focusing at the bigger picture of the organizational vision and mission and respecting each other’s cultural values, by engaging constructive communication.
Intercultural communication can be generated into a wonderful experience or to an awful experience depending on the work teams; this is depending on the mindsets of the members of the teams (Ford, 2001). It has been noted that team mates from different cultural affiliations has the ability of developing deep knowledge on diverse products and services. Multicultural teams from North America and Madagascar plays a vital role in globalization, in the sense that the model gears at innovations and creativity. Management in North America varies from the management systems in Madagascar, it is important to harness the work teams to deliver the desired goals of the organization (Halverson & Tirmizi, 2008).
There are a number of theories that explains on intercultural setups. Individualism focuses on the moral standings of human beings, it has been noted that individualists focus on own desires and goals in delivering a certain aspect (Conflict Management, 2001). Collectivism focuses on the interdependence of people in the global perspective, basing on the civilization of the society. The fact that the intercultural work mates from North America and Madagascar have come together to work, this is in line to...
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