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Women Experiencing Violence At Home (Essay Sample)

the essay is based on domestic violence and as such it should be related to it - compare the statistics of of violence experience by both men and women in the UK then talk about the feminist paradigm in relation to why women are more likely to experience this phenomenal crime Include the evolution theory as to why men are the culprit in the act of domestic violence then critique it with the masculinity theory in relation to men being victims of domestic violence also both in heterosexual and homosexual relationships conclude with whether feminist theory for domestic violence have overshadowed the fight of violence against person(s) in domestic surroundings source..

Women Experiencing Violence At Home
April 24, 2013
Women and Violence At Home
Intimate partner violence is more rampant at the home environment as compared to the public places. One partner to gain control, power and dominance over his mate (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2009) normally uses this coercive behavior. There are various ways in which violence against spouse can be executed; one form includes sexual and physical abuse verbal and emotional abuse, partner stalking economical abuse (Walby & Allen, 2004). Domestic violence is now far reaching affecting people in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Often, the violence occurs between married partners, dating, living together, separated or divorced. Domestic violence has far reaching effects as it affects the immediate family members, co-workers, neighbor and friends generally the whole community is adversely affected by issues of domestic violence.
Innumerous researches have continually uncovered alarming and resolute levels of violence committed against women in the UK. 33% of girls aged 13-17 have experienced some form of partner violence (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2009). Every elapsing year a million women in the UK experience at least an incidence of domestic violence and nearly twenty two thousand cases of abuse are experienced on weekly basis (Michelle, 2009). Since the age of 16, their intimate partners have sexually abused 3.7 million women. There have been 377 cases where young women have been forced into marriage at the same time being sexually and emotionally abused (Home Office Records, 2010).
In the year 2003 up to 4,000 women were trafficked to be sexually exploited, a 20% of the UK women say that they have been stalked, while 66,000 women have undergone Female genital mutilation and it is estimated that 24,000 girls are at risk of domestic violence and abuse every year(Home Office records, 2011). Violence against women at home will never change until humanity eliminates all the excuses and the attitudes that permeate the vice to escalate. Those attitudes must be challenged and forever changed. For example 36% of the UK populace belief that a woman always plays part and is partly to blame for being raped(Susan & Marta, 2009).They say if a woman is drunk or poorly dressed she plays a role in becoming a victim of assault. One out of five people believe that in certain circumstances it’s acceptable to hit a female partner. One distressing finding is that one in two boys and one in three girls believe that in some given circumstances it is okay to slap a woman or coerce her into having sex(Graham-Kevan & Archer, 2007). All these findings bring out the concept that the one person who is solely to blame for violence at home is the perpetrator.
Of all the crimes recorded in the UK, domestic violence accounts for 25% of all the recorded crimes, this is an indicator that cases of domestic violence are more extensive than peopl...
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