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What Do The Terms Diversity And Inclusion Mean To You? (Essay Sample)


After completing the assigned readings for the module, please respond to the following questions:

1. What do the terms diversity and inclusion mean to you?

2. In your opinion, describe the value of working in a diverse environment. How does diversity affect national security? Use personal examples as appropriate.

3. Finally, how could a non-diverse environment work toward becoming a diverse one? Provide personal examples if you have any and as appropriate.


Now do the following:

4. Submit the next three (3) sources you plan to use for this portion of the annotated bibliography assignment.  Each annotation should not be more than 150 words, or approximately one paragraph. An annotated bibliography requires you to summarize complex articles in a few succinct lines.


Last, answer the following questions:

5. What kind of experiences have you had working with others with different backgrounds than your own? Provide examples as appropriate.

6. Have you ever had to alter your work style to meet a diversity need or challenge? Explain.

7. Do you work with a diverse group of people? How diverse is your circle of friends?

8. Do you feel as if you are valued for your diversity and included in your work environment? Why or why not?


Diversity is a term that refers to the differences that exist between the different people that one interacts with on a daily basis. This is to mean that, the differences may be based on various aspects such as culture, gender, language, religion, race, political orientation among others (Brooks, 2017). Ideally, it means that the person next to use differs from us with to one of several aspects that can be used to identify them. Inclusion on the other hand refers to working or interacting with persons that are different from us with a common goal that surpasses the said differences.
Working in a group that is composed of different persons is advantageous for a number of reasons, one of them being the level of exposure (Bersin, 2017). Working in a diverse group means that parties are able to learn new aspects about the other parties that help build a strong bond. Diversity does not affect; national security however is affected by misconceptions. Forming notions that idealized along racial or religious lines is one of the ways that the national security is compromised. One of the best examples is victimizing and discriminating Muslims, which further creates a platform for marginalization and terrorists’ ideologies associated with a rebellious attitude towards the state or the policies in place.
To enhance an environment in such a way that it diverse with several people from varying backgrounds, there is need for a change in policy and culture. Cultural changes should be geared towards a more inclusive environment where every other person is encouraged to interact with persons that are not from their race or religion among others (Brooks, 2017). At the same time, there should policies n places that reflect the fact that all persons from the different backgrounds are encouraged to engage in the activities in question. For example, a company may come up with policies that reflect their inclusive environment, which encourages women, persons with disabilities or even person from certain races or region to apply for a position (Bersin, 2017). There could policies that state, that board members will be chosen from the various categories of people that the diversity pool at the company.
Annotated Bibliography
Bersin, J. (2017). Why Diversity and Inclusio...
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