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What are the ethical concerns around Community Treatment Orders? (Essay Sample)


Write a 2­­-3 page (500-750 words) paper that focuses on your key issue. You should summarize your issue, including the debate that exists surrounding that issue, and weigh in with an informed opinion. Be sure to refer to at least five peer reviewed journals (books are great sources and you should use them, but NB that they're not peer reviewed).


What Are the Ethical Concerns around Community Treatment Orders?
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What Are the Ethical Concerns around Community Treatment Orders?
A community treatment order (CTO) refers to an action authorized by the law in psychiatric treatment where force has to be applied on a patient (Guillen, 2011). Force is considered important in situations when the state of the patient is at great risk and care providers cannot administer medication upon their will (Rynor, 2010). The cases CTO are common in community health, especially when the case being prevented can spread to other patients and cause severe infection and/or injury. To comply with the laws of the International Council of Nurses, it is advised that the nursing department for community health observe the basics of evidence-based nursing to improve their deliverability as well as provide evidential aid to cases involving sensitive matters against the will of patients as in CTO (Rynor, 2010). Patients who have the issues of non-compliance with prescribed medication procedures as well as those who show an intense increase in the use of violence in psychiatric treatment may require the use of force to contain them as a measure of protecting fellow patients at the facility as well as the medical officials (Burns & Molodynski, 2014). Most governments and the private sector have developed the urge of using the kind of treatment across the globe. This has led to fresh discussions with regards to the rights of the patient to have a choice of what is to be done to them. As a result of these developments, it is important to review the ethical issues that surround the idea of implementing community treatment orders in hospitals.

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