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This week I did two groups on Thursday, which was the first day back off of break (Essay Sample)


This week I did two groups on Thursday, which was the first day back off of break , Monday 1-8 19 I did one group Wednesday two groups plus my regular work at first I was doing notes but since I take so long one of the counselors do the notes for my group because I have to get a counselor to help me I don't get credit for notes I have my C.D.C.A now but it is a code I need to bill which I do not have one and they will not give me one until I am hired in It has gotten better because I still do a lot of work but I am not running all over the building now some of the counselors are treating me mean because they find me a threat, I am still a lot of work but I am not running all over the building now and the day goes by much faster now Make better and put in better words please


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During this week, I had to run two different groups, which was difficult for me since I had to manage it along with other activities or things. I supervised one group on Wednesday, took notes, and sat with the counselor to know more about how to improve myself. I was told that in the coming weeks, there would be a lot more groups to handle so I should be ready for it. As part of my daily routine, I took patients to the cashier for payment purposes, helped them drop their urine, and made notes of each and everything. 

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