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WEEK 4 DISCUSSION: Diverse Family Strcutures Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Please see word document for further instructions. The PDF is the research article.


Week 4 Discussion: Diverse Family Structures


This week’s Learning Resources examine different family structures and composition, related to family member status, gender, age, and type of bonding.   Choose one of the structures mentioned in at least one of this this week’s Learning Resources.  What are some key aspects of that particular type of structure? In addition to citing at least one of this week’s Learning Resources, go to the Library and find a research article on this type of structure:  What are some additional points that you learned?


In your main post, please refer specifically to at least one of this week's course Learning Resources, as well as one additional source, citing them in the text and also listing the full reference information at the end of your post, using APA citation style.


Learning Resources are below:



Diverse Family Structures
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Diverse Family Structures
The concept of family as a social construct is highly dynamic, volatile, flexible, and elusive. The contemporary families are diverse marked by different and contrasting structures. For instance, there are increasing cases of sexually homogeneous families in the public domain in addition to the conventional sexually heterogeneous families. Other included family who cohabit, extended families, families based on friendship, legally bounded families, and societal sanctioned marriages, just to mention some. The elasticity in defining family greatly expands the understanding of family, leading to configurations that encompass many different forms of families based on structural components, relationships, and formulation.

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