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Domestic Violence And Sociological Perspective Or Sociological Imagination (Essay Sample)


Please answer the following question in essay-format (introduction, body and conclusion). The essay should be no more than 3 pages double-spaced and you must draw on we have learned/read about and specific examples and illustrations to substantiate your claims. (Part of academic writing is to support your claims with evidence from readings and what other authors have written on the topic, so by the end of this course, this will be second nature to you.) I will deduct points if you do not follow these guidelines. You may use in-text citation as long as you are onlyciting material we have covered in class lectures, readings (i.e. Giddens, 49). However, if you are using outside material, please include a work-cited page.
We have talked at great length about sociology as a science,the sociological perspective or imagination. Define the term “sociology.” What exactly is meant by “the sociological perspective or imagination?” Choose a social phenomenon/issue in American or global context and explain any three ways in which the “sociological perspective” or “sociological imagination” could be used to examine this particular issue.


The Sociological Perspective
Sociology is the systematic study of individuals and society and how this impacts people through the social interaction and social structure. The social interactions influence human behavior individually or as a group. To C Wright Mills the sociological perspective or imagination represents an awareness of the relationship between the self and the society, and forces shaping peoples’ lives. This helps link personal troubles which are the obstacles that individuals face with the public issues, which are the social problems. The sociological perspective can be used to evaluate the problem and issue of domestic violence.
Domestic violence and “sociological perspective” or sociological imagination
When looking at domestic violence or gender based violence, we can shift from addressing the problem at the personal level in the broader social context (Berns 263). In the past, the media and academia merely mentioned the problem of domestic violence as it was seen as a private matter. Nowadays things have changed as it is a public issue that is discussed more openly in the Western world. For instance, there are groups and activists advocating against domestic violence and human trafficking as advocates against domestic violence seek to eliminate the problem. However, there are differences in how the issue is tackled as people’s beliefs, attitudes and experiences influence their decision. Among immigrant families with poor English language communication skills, the risk of domestic violence is higher when they have no social support.
The structures that enforce ideas on domestic violence are historical and cultural, and domestic violence is more than personal issues affecting family mem

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