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The Untouchables: Brief Description of What the Video is About (Essay Sample)


1. watching this video and write an article about it. the video link is 2. article essay should consist of the following: Brief description of what the video is about The three key learnings you gained from it. please cite any resource used from the video.


The Untouchables
The Untouchables
Brief description of what the video is about
The video, Untouchables, has a very suggestive name, and explores the notion that Wall Street's biggest players and effectors of the US market tend to often walk away without facing the law particularly with regards to the 2009 financial crisis. It also explores, with reference to an array of witnesses, the evidence that, according to many, was sufficient to implicate some of the Wall Street bankers. The Justice department's role in the entire issue is also broken down, but the main issue that seem to arise from most of the interviewees is that there was no sufficient effort from the Justice department to investigate and indict the Wall Street bankers. The general feeling was that the FBI was not looking high enough for the culprits of the financial crisis. The careful, reserved, and cautious demeanor with which the FBI handled the matter was a major point of concern. The FBI as well as the Justice Department wanted and still wants the public to believe that no single Wall Street executive committed any provable crime, but many of the interviewees were and still are skeptical towards this.
The three key learnings you gained from it
The financial crisis was as a result of the actions of the Wall Street bankers who did not seem t...
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