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Discussion 9: Unmanned Air craft systems (Essay Sample)


Please answer the following questions, state the question and then the answer underneath. 1. There are many news reports about military use of robotic drones, often referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). These remote control drones are now being used for border security, and also for US civilian surveillance, by law enforcement and by other citizens. They may even start delivering pizza. Read the article found in your reserved readings entitled “Unmanned aircraft systems: Surveillance, ethics and privacy in civil applications”, and consider the good and bad effects of policy to regulate mobile devices and data for surveillance of US citizens. For national security reasons, should government license civilian operators or allow them to remain anonymous? Describe several possible effects on national security if a robotic drone purchased by a civilian is outfitted with weapons. What do you think abbout the FAA's proposed regulations? 2. What are possible consequences for privacy or safety of civilians if data transmissions or video data that are gathered by surveillance (private or government) are transmitted through the Internet in unencrypted format, or if that data or related meta-data are stored in the cloud indefinitely? Who should own or monitor data and pictures of YOU that are gathered by surveillance? Should the private sector own the meta-data about you that are collected without your knowledge?


Unmanned Air craft systems
Institute of Affiliation
Question 1.
The unmanned aircraft systems have been used in various countries for many reasons. For instance, in the US the systems have been utilized by the military to carry out their military attacks especially to risky areas prone to insecurity issues. Despite the basic use of these unmanned aircraft systems, the users tend to make attacks unreasonably and therefore monitoring for such attacks is hectic bringing huge losses (Tice, 2009). The government of the US should, therefore, license the operators of the unmanned aircraft so as to ensure that they can monitor them as they get to know the specific number of operators available (Mark, 2013). When the robotic drones of the civilians are outfitted with weapons, many attacks will be made resulting to increased insecurities causing massive losses such as loss of lives, destruction of properties and even climate changing negatively (Dempsey, 2010). The FAA during the conference proposed the rules to be put in place which despite the fact that they won't eliminate the problem entirely, but to a profound extent it will reduce the dangers caused by these casual, evil intended users CITATION Ror16...
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