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Treatment And Therapies: Joseph And David Comment (Essay Sample)


There are four comments Joseph, David Professor, and professor there are two of professor post that she is asking us a questions all must be substantially or personal experience no materials past 10 years it is too old. Try to make Joseph and David comment at least 75 words and the professors 2 questions at least 50 words each. in text citation and a reference page.


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Joseph makes it clear that treatment begins when a patient gets admitted to a hospital and undergoes a series of therapies, operations or counseling sessions. The chances are that a patient's eating habits will improve and he will become physically and mentally strong after undergoing proper treatment. Once his treatment is over, he then enters the phase of recovery, which means he will get rid of all diseases and may start his normal life, once fully recovered (Arterburn & Felton, 2013).
David says that treatment is an extensive procedure that a patient has to go through to detoxify his body and mind, and recovery is a process that comes after treatment and includes wellbeing and support by the patient's relatives, friends, and even the entire community. Treatment involves some therapies and counseling sessions while recovery does not involve anything like that. Furthermore, treatments can be short-term and long-term, but recovery is mostly long-term, because a

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