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Trade War Between The United States And China (Essay Sample)


Read the following article:
Xi’s Strong Hand Against Trump
Write an easy first draft
In a 2-3 page essay, summarize the main points and develop your own argument for how you agree or don't agree with the writer.


Trade War between the US and China
Trade War between the US and China
In his April 11th, 2018 article, Bill Emmott offers his two sense regarding the ensuing trade between the US and China. The article titled Xi's Strong Hand Against Trump details how China still has the upper hand against the US whichever way the trade goes. The goal of most wars, be it hot or cold, about trade, territory or anything else is customarily destruction. And destruction will lead to not only the loss of lives but also the destruction of any assets, as can be witnessed in the raging trade war between two of the world's superior nations (the United States and China). The threat of a fully advanced trade war between the world's largest economies threatens the worst disruption to, and destruction of, the global economy in modern times.
For the vast majority of East Asian states, the United States plays a crucial role as an offshore regional stabilizer, but because the United States is a superpower, concerns are that she wants to overstretch the strategic attention. Today, China is enjoying a very significant influence across the economic and security realms in East Asia. However, China has had a very limited ability to change the stances of its neighbors. This is because it ends up blaming the United States, for instance, for “stirring the waters” and encouraging regional states like Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, which would otherwise not estrange China. China's main aims in the region are to establish a stable regional environment that would be conducive to its economic development and political stability.
The United States President, Donald Trump, recently announced import tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other Chinese-made goods and accepted North Korea's invitation to hold bilateral talks on its nuclear program. Despite the earlier threats of war to North Korea, the United States is using the bilateral talks as an unrivaled chance to

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