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Thinking about Philosophy (Essay Sample)


2-2 Essay: Thinking About Philosophy 
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It is not unusual to hear people say, “My philosophy about that is…” Generally, what they mean by “philosophy” is not the same as the meaning of “philosophy” in this course. To beginners in philosophy and experts in some philosophical area or topic, “philosophy” has something to do with its original meaning in Greek: philo (love) + sophia (wisdom), or the love of wisdom.
Based on your first two weeks in a beginning course in philosophy, how would you distinguish between what the phrase “My philosophy about that is…” and the word “philosophy” mean?
To prepare to write this 2–3-page essay, review the overviews and resources from Modules One and Two as well as the course resources provided to you. Then review the grading rubric to be sure you see what elements are important in constructing your essay.


Thinking about Philosophy
Course title:
The word philosophy is commonly used in everyday conversations. It crops up every so often until the meaning has been simplified. While the use of the word philosophy in ordinary conversation may be debatable in a grammar forum, what is certain is that the meaning intended does not have the same meaning as the Plato and Socrates kind of philosophy (Munitz, 2010). When people talk about their philosophy in life, they are simply talking about their guiding principle in life. It is a sort of mantra or the basis upon which their beliefs and actions are founded. However, philosophy as defined by the philosophers of ancient times like Plato and Socrates, it is the explanation of reality using logic. It is the study of reality while having the foundation on certain aspects that are logical and which can be proven. Philosophy involves use of evidence based argued with premised and conclusions that hold water to offer an explanation on the existence of certain realities.
Philosophy is embedded in a number of disciplines which when combined gives rise to the logic of what philosophy is about. The first discipline of philosophy is logic. Logic is the reasoning that is considered to make sense. Whenever one seeks to make an explanation on the existence of certain of set of circumstances, there must some logical backing or reasoning which gives a solid explanation. Philosophy does not rely on assu...
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