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Video "The True Cost" By Andrew Morgan (Essay Sample)


The garment industry is the second-most polluting in the world. A significant amount of this pollution is the “disposable” clothing itself. Why is there so much waste? How does this waste effect the environment? How does the waste and acceleration of garment production contribute to climate change? What can be done to reduce waste, the garment industry’s effect on the climate and on the environment in general?

How can consumers affect change on this model? As experts posit in the film, consuming more can have a negative effect on your psyche. Can a change in your consumption habits improve your well-being? How can it improve the well-being of others?


The True Cost
Question 4
The video titled THE TRUE COST by Andrew Morgan is quite informative. The garment industry is indeed the second most polluting industry on the planet, and with valid reasons. The industry has got so much waste because of the obviously increased preference for cheap and quickly-produced clothing. Such clothing, while convenient to acquire, also end up having a short lifespan, hence high disposability rates. Much of the wastes from the industry emanates from the production and maintenance processes. The dyes used in textiles are usually released to rivers, unchecked. These toxic dyes, in turn, end up in the oceans, gradually spreading across the face of the planet through ocean currents and winds. The impact on marine life is unimaginable.
The use of cotton in the production of clothing has also had negative impacts on water security in areas where the cotton is grown. Due to the increased need for profits, these areas, mostly bordering rivers, usually end up draining a lot of water from the rivers for the purposes of irrigation. Not ending there, the chemicals used in the plantations are also washed downstream from the farms, thereby ending up in the water basins. Fabric softeners and laundry detergents are also another point source of environmental pollution. These chemicals contain high levels of phosphates, which are a danger to marine life and also the human immune system.
To reduce waste, there needs to be a paradigm shift, especially from consumers. Consumers need to embrace clothing from organic materials such as wool and hemp. In the case of cotton, then it needs to be organic as well. They

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