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The tragedy of the commons (Essay Sample)

The Tragedy of the Commons (The only source is The tragedy of the commons by Hardin, please read it before doing the paper ! Thanks) Garrett Hardin claims that the tragedy of the commons occurs when each member of a group benefits from performing an action such that, if everyone performs it, then everyone will suffer. (a) Why does he think that pollution and overpopulation have the same kind of structure? (b)Why does he think that appealing to our conscience will not solve these problems? (c) Why does he think that mutual coercion mutually agreed upon will solve them? (d) What do you think about this issue, and why? No outside sources needed. Answer each question in your own words. - Use quotes very sparingly, if at all. And make sure you cite every idea that you get from the course readings and lectures. - Your grade will depend on the quality of your writing as well as on the accuracy of your answers. So make sure you edit for spelling, grammar, clarity, concision, and so on; and write several drafts of each answer. source..
The tragedy of the commons Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: Hardin, (2007) in his article the “tragedy of the commons” explains that the tragedy of the commons takes place when every member in a particular team society takes advantage of being involved in such action in the sense that if all are involved, then they will all suffer. The author argues that overpopulation and Pollution are structured in the same way. According to him, the world population tends to increase exponentially or geometrically. The exponential growth of human population subsequently leads to the decrease of the world’s core resources. Humanity must be made to understand that the world is finite. He observes that, a lot more people think either that the world is infinite or that they do not understand its nature, failure to understand that the real nature of the world will only assist in adding to the increment of human misery. Hardin perceives that the tragedy of commons is more of depicted in the pollution menace being experienced in the world. Pollution according to him occurs not because of the decrease of natural resources but due to input of chemicals, sewerage, heat and radioactive waste products into water systems, harmful fumes into the air as well as sight obstruction. Hardin continues to add that the issue of pollution that is being experienced in the world is the outcome of overpopulation. Citing an example from his early years as a boy, he explains, “how an individual disposed his waste products did not pose a concern to the society”. This was backed by a popular myth which was also supported by his grandfather that “ flowing water purifies itself every ten minutes”. This myth was however, overruled gradually as the world population continued to increase. He opines, “as the world population continued to divulge, the biological and chemical recycling processes became too overloaded, and this is what necessitated a...
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