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Camus' philosophical rejection of religion in “The Stranger” and “The Plague” (Essay Sample)


Topic... Camus’ philosophical rejection of religion in “The Stranger” and “The Plague” IT A PHILOSOPHY ESSAY..... Your essay will be double spaced, in a Times Roman 12 point format. For this essay, you will be required to use at least four independent academic sources (sources other than those that we have seen in class, i.e., other than Camus’ novels). No web references.

Course title:
Albert Camus is one of the few people in the world who have a number of tiles to his name. He was journalist, a Nobel peace prize holder an award winning author. He was also described by others who knew him as a philosopher although he refused to accept the last title. However, the stance he took on various issues providing and the kind of arguments he advanced throughout could be seen to have philosophical angle. There are various issues that Albert discussed and took a standpoint on. His views o various issues would elicit different reactions and some of these views would bring changes. One of the issues that he strongly spoke about and against was religion. As an author, he used his books to develop his ideologies. The argument on religion was well advanced in two of his books The Stranger and The Plague. His arguments were not always straightforward and would sometimes be confusing. This is because his arguments were not necessarily either or. His justification and foundation of his argument always had philosophical backing. One aspect that came out clear is that he rejected religion and its canons. He did so philosophically provided backing to his argument and assertion. This discussion takes focus on the justification he provided on his strong rejection of religion.
The Stranger
This is one of the books that Albert Camus wrote and which he used to further assert his philosophical rejection of religion. In this book, Camus argues that religion is a pure creation of man. According to Camus, for something to have a strong following, it must deep and profound connection wit nature. In his argument, he sees religion as a mere creation of man out of desperation to believe in Supreme Being bigger than him. According to Camus there is absolutely no justification of having something which is seen as having the effect of brain-washing people to belief in things or beings that does not exist. It is important to point out at this juncture that philosophy is mainly built on logic. Any aspect, therefore, that appears to beat logic is quickly discredited by philosophy. The fact that religion emphasizes the belief of a being that has it been seen by any human being is seen by philosophy to be illogical. As a result, philosophers such as Camus refuse and completely reject any assertions of the genuineness of religion (Camus, 2012).
Against the Order of Nature
According to philosophers, for something to be considered logical and hence valid, it follows the rules of nature. Anything that goes beyond or falls short of such rules and goes against then is seen as invalid and illogical hence rejected by philosophy. The argument of Camus in the stranger is that by embracing religion, there is a counter or contradiction to the order of nature that argues that people will die. Since religion talks of life after death, that is seen to go against nature and hence cannot b...
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