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Impact of Balancing Terrorism Prevention with Human Rights Concerns (Essay Sample)


Question 3. In order to effectively manage the risks posed by terrorism, both government and business need to balance prevention with human rights concerns. Please discuss how balancing these concerns can impact upon the development and implementation of business continuity planning. 
instruction: expected to consider what terrorism is and to outline the threats terrorism pose to individuals and organisations. Some consideration might then be given to strategies to counter terrorism- such as the UK CONTEST strategy and business responses to terrorism. In particular, analysis is invited of the problems both government and business face in preparing and responding to terrorist activity in a democratic/ civil society. Ultimately you are being asked to consider if the actions required to manage the threats posed by terrorism can be sufficiently balanced with human rights concerns.


Impact of Balancing Terrorism Prevention with Human Rights Concerns
Terrorism is a common global security threat that has continued to claim the lives of innocent civilians. The terror activities have instilled in people across the globe compelling world governments and major business stakeholders to come together with the aim of combating the evil act. The process of fighting terror activities has however been faced with critics of human rights activists who now claim that the war on terror has diverted and interfered the human rights of innocent suspects. According to Australian Human Rights Commission (2015) there is a need to strike a balance between managing terror risks and respecting human rights of suspects.
Threats posed to individuals by terrorism
Terror activities expose innocent civilians to many risks as discussed below. Terrorism exposes people to mental illness. Survivors of terror attacks develop emotional and behavioral changes that later develop into diagnosable disorders. The diseases slowly become a health burden to the victim compelling them to seek for services of qualified physicians. Such mental illness is costly in terms of psychiatric counseling and hence leads people to poverty (AON. (2015).
The victims may develop acute stress for the rest of their life. Acute stress is a condition that subjects the victims to depression and may lead other dangerous diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack (Rivkin, 2008). That means that the victims live under threats of losing their lives easily due to behavioral changes in their health conditions. Another threat acute stress poses to the victims is that they can quickly commit suicide. Rivkin (2008) through his work says that terrorism activities threaten the existence of a good relationship in the society. Acts of terror have been associated with particular religion. Thus, members of the religion associated with terrorism are stigmatized and isolated by members of different faiths. That leads to a social disconnect in the society.
Threats posed to organizations by terrorism
Paraskevas & Arendell (2010) suggest that terrorists attack with the aim of making headlines in the international media. For that purpose, their terror activities usually target busy working environments with well-established organizations that accommodate thousands of people at the same time. Thus in most cases they target modern buildings housing prime business so as to kill many people and at the same time paralyze business activities.
The current threats that organizations are facing due to terrorism is increased costs of insurance. Terror activities have continued to spread forcing insurance companies to raise their insurance premiums paid by business owners. That implies therefore that the profitability margin of most organizations would be affected by hiked premiums (Chung, 2013). The decline in profit margin, on the other hand, would lead the organization to lay off some workers to break even. The overall effects of terrorism would limit the organizational capacity to expand their production activities and hence restrict the levels of economic growth.
Terrorism has led to the issuance of travel advisories whereby countries issue warning alerts to their citizens against visiting certain countries with the fear that they may be attacked. That has left many tourist organizations across the world with only very few daring tourists. Thus, organizations majoring in touristic are under threats of collapsing due to continued growth of terror networks (Shemella, 2015). The fall of tourist organizations would imply that traveling firms that transport tourists are under threats to collapse and hence the terrorism has got ripple effects to the economy as a whole.
Apart from the business organizations terro...
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