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Terrorism: Bombing And Destructive Attacks (Essay Sample)


How did attention move from Leftwing terrorism (1960s-1980s) to Palestinian terrorism (1970s-1980s) to Islamic terrorism (1990s-2000s)?


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The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacked gave such a huge impact because it was a tremendous escalation from other destructive attacks in the past which started in 1980. Prior to that attack, there was a bombing on October 23, 1983 before that when the military of the French and the US in Lebanon had a total death of 295. This one stood out as one of the deadliest attacks in history. However, the September 11 attach had more than 10 times figures of casualty compared to the 1983 attacks.
Even if these extremists show a view on the minority, there is a real threat here. There were 64 groups and 2 of them were because of religious motivation. There 26 out of 6 in 1995 who also had a religious motivation and most of them were from their Islam force.
The colonial era did not succeed in their attempts when they wanted a state formation, and Israel’s emergence was a threat to Marxist and Anti-Western movements. Their growth could have been effective in leading the primary phase of terrorism on other countries.
The Al Fatah and the Popular Front were the secular Palestinian movements that started to go after civilians who are near the area of conflict (Moore, 2014). After the time when Israel defeated the Arab forces in 1967, the Palestinian leaders came to a realization that the Arabs could not handle Israel’s military. During that time, different movements from North Africa

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