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Heart Diseases in America (Essay Sample)

Hi, Pleaes follow the instruction below: The population of the United States is aging rapidly and society faces significant challenges associated with longer life and more chronic illness. 1. Identify one rehabilitative challenge (for example, stroke, heart disease, joint replacements, other) faced by the elderly. 2. Use Google or another search tool to identify readings that help to expand your understanding of the challenge you have identified. Select one high quality engaging link to share, please. You might choose an evidence based link or an audiovisual resource such as a YouTube. Post the link so that each reader can simply click on the link to open and view. 3. Identify one or more potential treatments/solutions that relate to informatics and briefly discuss. Answer 4 or 5 4. Looking to the future, in your own words, what advancements should we expect to see (or would you like to see) over and above what is available today so we can offer the best possible future to our elderly population. 5. Most elderly in the U.S. are covered by Medicare – a key social insurance program. Despite such coverage, elderly face potential financial hardship tied directly to the length and severity of their health challenges. Briefly discuss one source of such hardship (consider financial, political, socioeconomic issues) Hi, I placed the order to completed in 24hrs. If you can finish early then post it. Note and this is very important: utube is from google serarch h and references/article must be from wwww(dot)scopus(dot)com and within 5 years from 2012. thanks source..

Heart Diseases in America
Heart Diseases in America
According to numerous researches done by a number of organizations, heart diseases are one of the number one killers in the world today. Research done by the American heart Association, show that, “most elderly people in America die from heart diseases than from any other diseases” (Million Hearts, n.d.). According to the Association, almost 58 million elderly people suffer from the diseases annually. While these diseases may be prevented, the association claims that almost nine hundred thousand people die from them every year. While people grow older, most of their systems start giving in to diseases. Most heart diseases are brought by doing things that can be prevented. Statistics show that, in old age, heart diseases and strokes kill almost six hundred thousand people annually (Murray, 2012).
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