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Please see below for for detail instruction. it is very simple. You are an RN in a local community hospital. You have been working with a mother with one small child whose partner was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence. During the altercation the mother was holding their child, age 4 months, and the child ended up with a cut on the forehead requiring stitches. During the course of your care, the mother mentions that one of the nurses is her neighbor, but that the nurse does not know the history for the family and is not aware that there is a history of domestic violence. Upon coming on shift, your coworker (the neighbor) recognizes the name of the patient and states she would like to visit with the mother and see whether she is receiving the best possible care by reviewing her medical records. Please answer the following questions regarding this case scenario: 1. As the primary nurse, what would you say to your coworker who wants to both visit the mother and review the EHR? 2. How could a patient, such as this, be protected from having her information available to all visitors and hospital staff? 3. Who can give consent to release information about this small child? Please review the following links: http://www(dot)americannursetoday(dot)com/article.aspx?id=4328&fid=4302 http://www(dot)hhs(dot)gov/asl/testify/2007/06/t20070619b.html http://www(dot)hhs(dot)gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/index.html Please use the link below to get the article and the year is within 5 years from 2012 http://www(dot)hub(dot)sciverse(dot)com/action/home/proceed;jsessionid=D56F7934B4B0CA09FF967A0243B2634F.dFy4RYpTfuHERls08mnTw source..

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As the primary nurse, I would advise my coworker against viewing the records or visiting the mother. This will be a show of invasion of privacy and a breach of confidentiality to review the Electronic Health Records. Unless the nurse is scheduled to attend to the patient she should not review the patient’s records. This is more embarrassing for the patient as she will feel exposed when a neighbor knows of her situation while she has been overlooking it all along. The nurse should be reminded that they are ethically and legally bound to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the patient and hence should be well advised in this case.
Patient, such as this, can only be protected from having her information available to all visitors and hospital staff, by creating levels of clearance. For instance, there should be passwords for those accessing the records and developing a...
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