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Symptoms that you Might Observe in a Final Group Meeting (Essay Sample)


there are only 5 questions there are three on 4-1 which are Carra, LaToya, attrition rates which is Beth, 4-2 has two which is Method of contact and Sabrina the questions are differents answer their post by giving a substantive responses to all questions their should be in text citation with a reference page


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Question 4-1: What are three symptoms that you might observe in a final group meeting that might indicate that the group had been successful in achieving its primary purpose and goals? What are three symptoms that might indicate that the group had not been successful?
The goal of groups is to improve outcomes as they have a common objective shared by the members who also have individual goals. Hence, accomplishing both individual and group goals is a positive step in group sessions. As members become actively involved in the sessions there is feedback, humor and even confrontation to address conflicts (Kellermann, 1996). When the people leave the group they ought to learn something that has enhanced their lives. Corey (2014), points out that consolidation and determination are the final stages in developing the groups, and any pending issues should be tackled before follow-ups. Groups are unsuccessful when there is no cohesion and trust among members, as these are issues that should be dealt with in the early stages of forming groups.
Groups are successful when there is open communication in an environment that fosters mutual trust and honesty as well as feedback. Group members participate and practice what they have learned when the group sessions are effective. This is demonstrated when the members have new ways of thinking, they also demonstrate their knowledge and actively use what they have learned. However, having negative leaders affects the ability of group members to work together resulting in reduced productivity (Roback, 2000). Confrontational feedback is less effective in a facilitating group session, and when members move out of groups this shows that there are concerns that the sessions are ineffective.
When there are high attrition rates, the...
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