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Success of an Organ Transplant (Essay Sample)


The success of an organ transplant depends on many factors. What unavoidable factor would diminish the chance of success of a lung transplant, but is not a factor at all in a heart transplant?
At a construction site, a hole caved in and buried a workman up to his shoulders in wet sand. The foreman told the trapped man that a crane would be there in 20 minutes to pull him out, but another worker said they couldn’t wait, and had to dig NOW. He was right. Why is this a life-threatening emergency?


Social Sciences
Organ transplants are usually as a result of the failure of some organs within an individual’s body to function properly, or a complete malfunction altogether. In such situations, in order to save a life, it is important that the damaged organ is removed and replaced by another healthier one from a willing donor .Medically; organ transplants are usually dependent on a number of factors, both avoidable and unavoidable. The most likely unavoidable scenario during a transplant is the incidence of a virus, which can exist in the air surrounding the organ, or has affected the organ already.
When such a situation happens, it becomes extremely tough for the organ to be saved, or if the transplanted, it becomes tough for the recipient to survive the scourge. In the case of a lung transplant, the most probable virus to attack is the one causing bronchiolitis. When it attacks, it causes the inflammation of the lung passage ways, thereby interfering with the flow of oxygen within the system (Caplan, 2015).
The situation that the worker is in makes up a life-threatening scenario .The worker who says that the trapped employee should be saved immediately, is right. This is because, if the trapped worker stays there for longer, there is a high chance that the pit will cave further, thereby diminishing chances of saving him alive. Additionally, sand is usually very compact especially when wet. Every breath that the trapped man takes displaces some space around his chest cavity, which gets occupied by the sand. Therefore, each breath that the man takes is like a time bomb, an ...
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