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The Substance-Induced Psychotic Disorders (Essay Sample)


There are three students comments on their post must be substantially comments in text citation no materials pass 10 years the question and the post are added the students are David, Elizabeth, and Loretta all DSM pages are added articles are added as well



5-2 What are the differences between substance-induced psychotic disorder and a psychotic disorder? How would you tell the difference in an assessment session?

The substance-induced psychotic disorders are caused by psychoactive substances and are categorized depending on whether an individual experiences delusions or hallucinations directly attributed to the substances (Hartney, 2017). On the other hand, the psychotic disorders may be due to a medical condition and the sudden onset of psychotic symptoms last for more than one day, but mostly less than one month. While people with substance-induced psychotic disorders and psychotic disorders have delusional beliefs and behavior, the latter can be diagnosed with the disorder even before they use substances, and the two diorders may occur together when there is persistent substance abuse.


Hartney , E.(2017). Substance/Medication-Induced Psychotic Disorder.


In substance-induced psychotic disorder the diagnosis is hallucinations and/ or delusions due to drug abuse, and it is necessary to seek evide

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