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Students Comments on Post 1-1 and 1-2 (Essay Sample)


The students are Sergio, Eveline and Kayla for 1-1 for 1-2 it is Kayla details please on comments scholarly a total of 4 comments.


Students Comments on Post 1-1 and 1-2
Student’s Name
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Students Comments on Post 1-1 and 1-2
Hey Sergio
I agree with you that most people encounter difficulties in distinguishing between therapy and life coaching. I am glad to learn from you that the confusion arises from the similarities between the two. Your research was comprehensive and well detailed because you were able to learn that coaching focuses on strengthening the present life from a healthy perspective (Nelson-Jones, 2006). I am impressed with the work because you incorporated other authors, such as Palinno (2014) who defines coaching as working collaboratively with clients to maximize professional potential. I have acquired the relevant insight from your discussion about therapists. Therefore, I can now differentiate between coaching and therapy.
Hey Eveline
I am glad to have learned from your discussion that both a counselor and life coach play significant roles. I concur with you that a client can work with the two professionals and overcome the various challenges in life. I am surprised to learn that a therapist works on the basis of theory while a coach acts as a mentor to keep clients motivated towards the achievement of set goals (Spinelli, 2008). However, the core focus of the two professionals is to make a positive impact on a client’s life. I

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