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7-1 Students Comments: Personality Disorders And Substance Use (Essay Sample)


There are 4 comments three are students and one is the professor you can use the references from the students scholarly comments make all comments = in words please need in two days. The students are Jackie, Elizabeth, David and Professor Anna




7-1 Jacquie

It is true that there is a correlation between personality disorders and substance use because the two are as a result of the innate experience and behavior adopted which from the adopted culture. I agree that there are a number of incidences relate to personality disorder and substance abuse, for example, many people with APD use substance like alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine (Di Pierro et al, 2014). The overlapping symptoms make it difficult to treat those with both disorders because individuals display similar symptom like depression, suicidal behavior, manipulative behavior an self-destructive behavior are similar. Both disorders share common feature like the pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationship and self-image (Di Pierro et al, 2014).

Professor Anna

I agree with Professor Anna that it can be difficult to handle clients with borderline personality disorders because of self-denial whereby they tend to blame others. Clients with border personality disorder suffer from unstable self-image or sense of self-ad might display severe psychological symptoms of self-mutilating behavior, or suicidal behavior (Pennay et al, 2011). It is true that the use of substance as coping mechanism is common among those with personality disorder, but its unhealthy practice because it worsens the situations (Pennay et al, 2011).

Prof B

I agree that integrating mental health education in the school curriculum will increase the knowledge of mental health at the same time reduce stigma. Educational anti-stigma inter

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