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Students 3-1 Comments On The Family System (Essay Sample)


these are students 3-1 comments one of them our mines a question that professor as asked me therefore it is me (Doris), Louis, and charles all need in text citation with a reference you just got finish with comments for me on 3-1 and 3-2 it is order 00052357 you can use thoes files


Students 3-1 Comments
3-1 question
As an effective counselor, we should be able to identify each facet of an individual/family and incorporate this into treatment. For example, an adolescent child with SA, who have parents that are immigrants and may not speak English? This situation has multiple layers that have to be attended to, for SA treatment to be successful. Apart from that, some other factors we need to be aware and knowledgeable of include the family system. Dysfunction within families should be recognized because members tend to act differently because of their experience that remained unresolved during childhood (Barrett & Chang, 2016).
In addition, the family system is dynamic and keeps on changing. The family system includes interdependent members who interact based on rules, boundaries and specific patterns the influence family behavior. When members lose one of their own, some of the changes can be positive or negative. Such effect can cause unwanted stress on a member causing tension (Blow & Barry, 2014). The fact that codependency does not permit someone sufferi...
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