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Student Comments On 1-2 & 1-2: Successful Treatment (Essay Sample)


Student Comments On 1-2 & 1-2:  Successful Treatment

Must have in text citation with a reference page comments must be schollary. I have send you one of the student post with the question. I will need 100 words on 2 of the post and 75 on the third


Student comments on 1-2&1-2(4)
Institutional Affiliation
Numerous factors influence the successful treatment of an individual with substance abuse problem. Just as Charles outlines, the family bond is crucial in eliciting positive change. Family members that are close to the affected individual are likely to be supportive and encouraging while those that are distant their support is minimal (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2004). The consequences that would result from such as situation such as loss of income, breaking of relationships and the need for the family members to change their lifestyles such as quitting using various substances such as alcohol in support of the affected member may influence the outcome.
‘Communication’ and ‘hierarchy’ are the most prominent features in my family. I agree with Charles that communication among family members follows laid out hierar...
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