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Protest, Activism and Speaking Truth to Power (Essay Sample)

HI! I have to write a blog about the week readings. Here is the instruction. Blogging is a less formal medium than essay-writing, and we will discuss the expectations for blog posts in class. In general, even if you are somewhat more casual in your writing, you still must use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, full sentences and paragraphs. Your posts should reflect your opinions on the material you are grappling with, whether that material consists of course readings, news items, or both. You must, however, explain and substantiate your opinions. For example, it is not enough to say, "I thought the author of this article was wrong", but rather you should tell me "I thought the author of this article was wrong, because I don't think that tactic was implementable in this particular context, and let me tell to you why." Please do feel free to link to other sources online thatback up your points or have informed your opinion. When referencing any texts, you do not need to fully cite them, but you must still tell us the author, publication and page number you are referring to. Protest, Activism and Speaking Truth to Power How do protest movements decide their tactics, develop communities and evolve? What are the possibilities of protest? Project Presentations. Required Readings: 1. James M. Jasper. (1999) "Taste in Tactics" and "Direct and Indirect Action: Boycotts and Moral Voice." In The Art of Moral Protest. University of Chicago Press. (CR); 2. Remko Berkhout & Fieke Jansen. (2012) "Introduction: The Changing Face of Citizen Action." Development 55( I will attached the reading. source..

Protest, Activism, and Speaking Truth to Power
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Protest, Activism, and Speaking Truth to Power
When people protest, they show or express their opinion against something that does not augur well with their wishes. In most occasions, people protest about politics and politicians. People do this by use of words and actions. Protests are aimed at influencing public opinion or getting the government into making certain policies. Common citizens find this as a medium or in other words an arena to air their grievances. Protests are done in a manner where they can attract the public. A person can protest against something they do not support. However, it is agreed that, it is easy to hear the voice of the majority. Protests tend to work out well when more than one people are in support of it.
On the other hand, activism refers to the implementation of change, to influence change on political, social, economical, and environmental factors affecting the society. In this case, an activist who is the person that makes efforts on changing the society’s view on an issue, does this through writing letters, calling on strikes and boycotts, street marching and hunger strikes. Activists can influence direct change without having to convince the government to pass new bills. They do what they have to wisely since they have to make people believe in their theories. Objectivity and consistency are the crucial factors that activists and protesters consider since they are essential for the success of the protest (Jasper 1999)
Protesters have many things to consider when coming up with tactics and strategies on how to carry out their protest. First, they believe in their argumentation. This is because one cannot make another person believe in something that one has doubts about. When a protester believes that the government has failed on say the issue of homosexuality, it is easy for this person to state that and give reasons be...
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