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Socwork Social Sciences Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Students will select one issue related to diversity upon which to focus this assignment.

Examples of appropriate issues include sexual harassment, affirmative action, immigration, or

other issues related to course content. Students will then select one current news event that

reflects this area of interest. Examples of current news events include sexual harassment

allegations against Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein; the Department of Justice

investigation of Harvard’s use of race in their admission process; DACA; and questions

regarding sanctuary cities. These are only examples and students should select something in

which they are interested. It is critical that students identify only one event relate to the issue. In

other words, do not identify gender disparity in pay and select one story on the U.S. Women’s

National soccer team and another story on salaries on female executives.

This assignment will give students the opportunity to reflect on the “construction of reality;” ways

of knowing; errors in inquiry; bias in the media; and other concepts central to the course.

Please be certain to include specific citations for both news sources utilized in your project. This

includes the date and time a news source was viewed, as well as the name of the news source.

A separate reference page will include each news source and references to the course content.

The reference page will not be included in the page count for the paper. The development and

depth of discussion and analysis will contribute heavily to the final score

Assignment Directions:

1. Use the following news sources to complete this assignment:

a. Fox News

b. CNN

2. The news sources should be accessed on the same day and written or reported on the

same day in order to enable comparison at the same moment in time.

3. Please respond to the following prompts for each of the two sources.

a. Identify the name of the news source and the date and time the news source was


b. Cleary describe the current event as it is presented by each news source.

c. Use two (2) concepts presented in the assigned pages of the Rubin and Babbie

to analyze and discuss each news source and compare/contrast them with each

other. Please identify and define/describe each of the two concepts before using

them in your analysis (e.g. selective observation is…).

4. Identify instances/the degree of bias in both reports of the event. You are NOT to

discuss/analyze the substance of the event but, instead, the media’s coverage of the


5. What are the implications for the consumer’s understanding of the event based on the

manner in which the media presented the story?



Criteria Points Possible

Cleary described the topic as it was presented by each source: 3

Clearly identified, defined and utilized two concepts from the course

to analyze and discuss the media’s presentation:6

Identified instances of bias: 3

Thoroughly identified and discussed implications 5

Demonstrated proper grammar and syntax; APA formatted 3

Total Points Possible 20


Course code:
Question 3
The news was sourced from a Fox news report on 20th February 2020 by Tyler McCarthy. It is compared against another reporting of the same story from CNN also published on the 20th February 2020 by Lauren del Valle. Both articles were viewed at 7:00 pm.
Both news sources discuss the potential turn of events after Harvey Weinstein was found guilty and convicted of rape and sexual assault charges. The headline for the reporting by Fox news reads, “What’s next for Harvey Weinstein following NYC rape conviction. Fox News describes the happenings leading to the conviction of the 67-year-old and his plans to appeal the decision on Monday. Apart from that, the verdict acts as a big win for me too movement and a sign that women’s voices are now being heard. Following the verdict, the thing o be determined is what the judicial system plans to do with him after his sentence scheduled for March 11. His charges according to the criminal sex act count attract a penalty of a minimum of five years and a maximum of 25 years’ imprisonment. The headline for CNN is pretty similar to that of Fox news as it reads, “What's next for Harvey Weinstein and his accusers.” CITATION Tyl20 \l 1033 (McCarthy, 2020) CNN also reports of his conviction for two counts of sexual offenses but they mention the two counts that Weinstein was acquitted. The Jury ruled that they did not find Weinstein guilty beyond reasonable doubt of more serious charges of predatory sexual assault and one count of first-degree rape. It also shows the magnitude of the case as to how it is being used as a landmark for sexual assault justice. District Attorney Cyrus Vance the prosecution officer acknowledges that; "This is a big day. This is a new day,"

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